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Website Maintenance & Security

Protection From Hackers

It seems that more and more websites are being hacked and attacked, including some big players such as Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook, Target, and most recently the Internal Revenue Service. Millions of small businesses are also affected every day. 

Regular Software Updates

In the absence of regular WordPress updates, your site is vulnerable to security risks, hackers, and mismatched components, resulting in your website going down when you upgrade it yourself.

Secure Offsite Backups

Updating, backing up, and securing your site can be time-consuming and tedious. Business owners and their staff lose valuable time in putting out fires and managing their businesses. Daily and weekly backups are included in our plans (based on which plan you choose), and safety is paramount.

Keep Your Site Running Smoothly With Website Maintenance.  Maintaining and supporting WordPress websites without worrying. Leaving a site unattended, unchecked, un-updated, and untouched can have negative consequences for everyone. Vulnerability exists in all software. Websites are powered by software as well. Do you know how much your time is worth?

While it is possible for you to update your system yourself, ask yourself whether you have the time to do so and whether you can fix things on your own if things go wrong (which they sometimes do).  Rather than spending your time on the heavy lifting, let the professionals handle it for you and spend more time on your customers and blog posts!

The best websites have great copy, are optimized for SEO, are mobile-friendly, and are creative. It’s more important than ever to have a website that is up-to-date and outshines your competition with mobile and responsive website design.

Taking just any client that comes through the door is not something we do at our boutique website design agency. Whenever we agree to take on a project, we want to make sure that we will give our all to it so that the client will be happy with the final products, and we will be confident that we have done our job well.

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