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 We create stunning brands that are designed to create an impression about who you are and what you do!   

01. Strategic

Business strategy should be designed to bring success and avoid failure. This can be done by capitalizing on the strongest capabilities of the firm, and exploiting the greatest opportunities while reducing the risk associated with company weaknesses, and environmental threats.

02. Professional

We want our clients to be part of the project management process which consists of deadlines, and expectations of your project. Effective communications and helps to build a successful client/agency relationship that keeps everyone on track and on the same page.

03. Loyal

There are many business development aspects to take into consideration when managing client projects.  It is important that we align all business development activities to your project’s strategic plan.

Proven Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Vertikal Media Group has been helping small businesses succeed online and globally since its founding ten years ago.  Developing custom websites and web applications is our specialty.  Through the years, we have continued to receive referrals from past clients to help small businesses and especially women-owned businesses with their online presence and websites. Most small businesses simply couldn’t afford our minimum budget, which was just too costly for most of them. So we founded the Women’s Rising Fund.


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What We Do Best

Web Development/Design

Your Website is your online business and we want to create an unforgettable experience for the visitor.  It is a project management collaboration between us and you, the client, at Vertikal Media Group.  Learn More

Social Media Managment

There is no effective business reach nowadays without a social media presence. But which platform do you choose? Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube?  Which one is the most effective for your business?

Digital Marketing and SEO

We help you plan your Digital Marketing strategy, run your campaigns, manage your Social Media, SEO proof, and Copywrite your content.  Learn More

No Contract Book Publishing

We help authors publish their books.  We offer professional editing, formatting, book cover designs,  bio, and press release services.  Learn More

E-Course Creation

Put your courses/workshops/ seminars online Turn your books/blogs into online courses!  Learn More

Mobile Apps

We create, publish and maintain Native Android and iOS mobile apps for you!

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